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STRATOS® SL Lightweight Liquid Helium Cryo-Transport


Economical and also space-saving solution of the integrated heater: It enables a controlled pressure build-up for easy helium extraction without external helium compressed gas.

In addition to their function as transport and supply containers, the Cryotherm STRATOS can also be ideally used for carrying out cryogenic experiments.

  • Virtually no cold losses thanks to multi-layer vacuum super insulation and exhaust gas-cooled radiation shields
  • Integrated safety devices on the safety attachment
  • Pressure relief valve on the safety neck tube


Light, economical and practical

We produce these high-tech containers with a great deal of experience, technical know-how and highly qualified manufacturing: Use the many advantages of the STRATOS® series for your applications with cryogenic liquid helium.

In addition to their function as transport and supply containers, the smaller STRATOS® can also be ideally used to carry out cryogenic experiments. STRATOS® 250-1000 SL are used to supply liquid helium to MR tomographs and large cryostats.

  • Efficient helium exhaust gas cooling

  • Low evaporation rate (only 0.9 % for STRATOS® 100 SL)

  • Robuster transport frame

  • Compact dimensions

  • safety neck tube

  • Vacuum lock safety device and integrated safety devices on the safety attachment

  • long-term vacuum protection through high-quality adsorption and getter materials

  • Safety attachment with exhaust, pressure build-up and evacuation connection

  • blockable overflow device (70 mbar)

  • Different removal devices possible

  • transfer pressure from 0-500 mbar

  • Optimized super insulation, through multi-layer vacuum insulation and computer-optimized thermodynamic design with shields

  • Low maintenance

  • Extensive range of accessories

Full Technical Specifications can be found in the downloads section below.

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Product Code Product NameGeometrical Content (L)Weight Empty (kg)Weight Full (kg)Stat. Evaporation Rate (%/day) Basket
78201158 STRATOS® 100 SL10356680.9
78200868 STRATOS® 250 SL263901211.8
78200868 STRATOS® 380 SL3801061511.4
78200904 STRATOS® 1000 SL9993004200.5
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