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PTFE Temperature Probe, Platinum Resistance

The dual purpose Platinum Resistance Baffle Probe (PRT100) is for use in reaction systems to increase agitation and promote thorough mixing whilst also acting as a temperature probe.  All components are fully encapsulated in PTFE to ensure purity and chemical resistance and have a stainless steel core for rigidity. Sensor:PRT100 Class A, Cable:4 Wire; 2 Red, 2 White. PFA insulated, white PFA oversheath.  1 metre of cable fused to body.Option to increase cable length. Supplied without plug.
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Product Code Size/ Capacity Basket
PC707.508.150.1 Shaft - Ø 8, L 150, 16x12x150, Total L 300mm
PC707.508.200.1 Shaft - Ø 8, L 200, 16x12x150, Total L 350mm
PC707.508.250.1 Shaft - Ø 8, L 250, 16x12x150, Total L 400mm
PC707.512.150.1 Shaft - Ø 12, L 150, 20x15x200, Total L 350mm
PC707.512.200.1 Shaft - Ø 12, L 200, 20x15x200, Total L 400mm
PC707.512.250.1 Shaft - Ø 12, L 250, 20x15x200, Total L 450mm
PC707.516.150.1 Shaft - Ø 16, L 150, 35x22x250, Total L 400mm
PC707.516.200.1 Shaft - Ø 16, L 200, 35x22x250, Total L 450mm
PC707.516.250.1 Shaft - Ø 16, L 250, 35x22x250, Total L 500mm
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