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PTFE Valve, Straight Through

A range of plug valves for use with our connectors for less demanding pressure and temperature applications: Max pressure- 1 bar, Vacuum- 5 mmHg. Note: Rapid changes in temperature over a range of 25°C may cause these valves to leak due to the expansion properties of PTFE.  Can be sterilised at 135°C.
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016.702.5.2 Arm Ø 4.5mm, Bore 2
016.702.2 Arm Ø 6mm, Bore 2
016.703.7.2 Arm Ø 6.8mm, Bore 3
016.703.2 Arm Ø 8mm, Bore 3
016.704.9.2 Arm Ø 9mm, Bore 4
016.704.2 Arm Ø 10mm, Bore 4
016.705.2 Arm Ø 11mm, Bore 5
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