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PTFE Stopcock, Straight Through

Stopcocks feature a pure PTFE body and plug and combine all the desirable properties of the Ultimate Laboratory Stopcock; Medium vacuum pressure performance, unbreakable, inert and grease free.  Plug cannot be accidentally withdrawn and have easily connected sidearms in glass or PTFE to give inert vacuum and pressure tight seals.  Stopcocks for use with burettes have glass or unbreakable polypropylene tips
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016.002 Bore 2, Arm Ø 8mm
016.003 Bore 3, Arm Ø 8mm
016.004 Bore 4, Arm Ø 10mm
016.006 Bore 6, Arm Ø 14mm
016.008 Bore 8, Arm Ø 14mm
016.010 Bore 10, Arm Ø 14mm
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