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Reaction Block, Vial Round

Reaction Block, Vial Round

Reaction block is designed to fit directly on the CG-1990 circular top hot plate stirrers (135mm diameter). All blocks are anodized aluminium. A thermowell is provided for insertion of the CG-1995 contact thermometer or temperature sensor. Aluminium construction offers excellent heat transfer while not interfering with the magnetic stirring.    

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Product Code Fits Vial SizeBlock ColourNumber of VialsHole Depth (mm) Quote Basket
CG-1991-01 20ml (28 x 57mm)Black1724
CG-1991-02 30ml (28 x 70mm)Green1730
CG-1991-03 40ml (28 x 95mm)Orange1743
CG-1991-04 15 x 45mm)Gold4819
CG-1991-05 17 x 60mm)Blue3425
CG-1991-06 21 x 70mm)Red2132
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