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Pie Block System with safety pie plate holder with 1 of the six pie wedges



  •  Safety Pie Plate Holder keeps up to Four pie wedges securely locked together on the hotplate
  • Aluminum construction provides excellent heat transfer while not interfering with the magnetic field

  • Interchangeable pie wedges permit various sized vials or flasks on one hotplate

  • Holes are spaced for optimum stirring of all vessels

  • Holder fits all 135mm diameter hotplate stirrers

  • Inserts are color coded for quick and easy identification

  • Thermowell is provided for insertion of a contact thermometer or temperature sensor

Reaction PIE-BLOCK is designed to fit directly on 135mm diameter circular top hot plate stirrers.

Versatile design of the safety pie plate holder allows up to four pie wedges on one hot plate and securely locks them together.

All wedges are anodized aluminum and color-coded for quick and easy identification. A drilled thermowell is provided for insertion of contact thermometers or temperature sensors.

Complete PIE-BLOCK System (CG-1991-P-01) Consists of 1 Each: 
CG-1991-P-05, CG-1991-P-10, CG-1991-P-11, CG-1991-P-12, CG-1991-P-13, CG-1991-P-14 and CG-1991-P-15

Pack Quantity: 1 Pc


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CG-1991-P-01 PIE-BLOCK System, Supplied with 1ea Safety Holder and 1ea of the Six (6) Listed Pie Wedges
CG-1991-P-05 PIE-BLOCK Safety Holder Only, Anodized Green
CG-1991-P-10 4-Place Pie Wedge for 20ml Scintillation Vial, 28mm x 60mm, Anodized Black, 24mm Hole Depth
CG-1991-P-11 4-Place Pie Wedge for 30ml Scintillation Vial, 28mm x 73mm, Anodized Green, 30mm Hole Depth
CG-1991-P-12 4-Place Pie Wedge for 40ml Scintillation Vial, 28mm x 98mm, Anodized Orange, 43mm Hole Depth
CG-1991-P-13 9-Place Pie Wedge for 1 Dram (4ml) Vial, 15mm x 45mm, Anodized Gold, 19mm Hole Depth
CG-1991-P-14 8-Place Pie Wedge for 2 Dram (8ml) Vial, 17mm x 60mm, Anodized Blue, 25mm Hole Depth
CG-1991-P-15 4-Place Pie Wedge for 4 Dram (16ml) Vial, 21mm x 70mm, Anodized Red, 32mm Hole Depth
CG-1991-P-19 8-Place Pie Wedge for 2-5mL Microwave Vials, Anodized Turquoise, (Not Included with Complete System)
CG-1991-P-20 4-Place Pie Wedge for 10-20mL Microwave Vials, Anodized Berry, (Not Included with Complete System)
CG-1991-P-23 8-Place Pie Wedge for 0.5-2mL Tapered Microwave Vials, Anodized Purple, (Not Included with Complete System)
CG-1991-P-30 10mL Round Bottom Flask Pie-Block, Anodized Gold, (Not Included with Complete System)
CG-1991-P-32 25mL Round Bottom Flask Pie-Block, Anodized Blue, (Not Included with Complete System)
CG-1991-P-34 50mL Round Bottom Flask Pie-Block, Anodized Red, (Not Included with Complete System)
CG-1991-P-36 100mL Round Bottom Flask Pie-Block, Anodized Black, (Not Included with Complete System)
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