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Vacuum Adapter Kit

Adapters are used for filtration directly into vials. There are three top configurations, with the bottom of all adapters having a 20-400 GPI thread for connection to vials using a CG-1318 Threaded Connector. Design incorporates a drip tube sealed within thread to prevent breakage and are supplied with a 2-1/2” PTFE delivery stem. Hose connection is 10mm OD at the largest serration. ADAPTERS ARE SUPPLIED WITH PTFE DELIVERY STEM.

• Adapter with tooled flare top is used for reduced pressure filtration with plain stem buchner funnels. Flare accepts a #2 Pluro Stopper. ADAPTER IS NOT SUPPLIED WITH PLURO STOPPER UNLESS PURCHASED AS A KIT. SEE CG-1401 FOR STOPPER.

• Adapter with outer luer joint provides a convenient way to connect solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges, tubes or syringes. The adapter provides for easier sample concentration and clean-up while reducing the chances of cross-contamination.

• Adapter with 20-400 GPI thread allows for transfer from vial to vial.

• Kits are available with one each of the glass adapters, PTFE delivery stem packaged in a divided plastic box.

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CG-1049-C-10 Contains: 1 x Adapter #2 Pluro Stopper, 1 x Adapter Luer Outer, 1 x Adapter 20-400 GPI, 1 x PTFE Delivery Stem, 12 pack and 1 x #2 Pluro Stopper
CG-1049-C-02 Adapter, Tooled Pluro Stopper Flare to 20-400 GPI Thread
CG-1049-C-04 Adapter, Outer Luer Joint to 20-400 GPI Thread
CG-1049-C-06 Adapter, 20-400 GPI Thread to 20-400 GPI Thread
CG-1049-C-50 3/16” ID X 1/4” OD X 2-1/2” Long PTFE Delivery Stem
CG-1401-11 Filter Adapter, Neoprene, Size 2
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