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Distillation Cart System for 30L and 50L Process Reactor System

Distillation Cart System for 30L and 50L Process Reactor System, Side Shelf
Diagonal distillation cart system for Chemglass 30 and 50L reactor system. Supplied complete with glassware, swivel support assembly and cart system to fir CG-1968-X style frames. This add-on kit makes it easy to convert any of our standard reactors over to a complete distillation system. Please note that the reactor system must be purchased separately.
  • 300mm Reaction Kettle Lid, 45/40 Centre Neck, 3-45/50 Side neck
  • 160 Adapter, 65/40 Polished Socket joint to 80mm Flat Flange
  • 80mm Quick Release Clamp, PTFE Coated
  • O-Ring Perflouro 80mm Flange White
  • Distilling Column Vacuum Jacketed 45/50 Outer on Top 65/40 O-Ring Ball
  • Bent Connecting Adapter 45/50 Inner Sealed to 65/40 O-Ring Ball
  • High Efficiency Condenser 6540 Socket on Top Angled 45/50 Inner
  • Phase Splitter 45/50 Outer on Top 0-14 valves
  • 10 Litre Receiving Flask, 2 Neck 45/50 Outer CN Angled 45/50 (for 10L System)
  • 20 Litre Receiving Flask, 2 Necj 45/50 Outer CN, Angled 45/50 (for 20L system)
  • Adapter 0-14mm Valve to 45/50Inner Joint ½” Swagelock
  • Adapter 0-14mm Valve to 45/40 Inner joint ½” Swagelock
  • 90 Inlet Adapter, 45/50 Inner, ½” Swagelock Valve
  • ½” to ½” PFA Compression Fitting
  • ¾” to ½” PFA Compression Fitting
  • PTFE Tubing, ½” OD x 3/8” ID 20ft Length
  • Tubing Cutter
  • Small Kwik Mount Klamp
  • Clamp, three Prong Extension, Large, Dual Adjust, ½” OD x 12”
  • Small Chain Clamp
  • Clamp Support
  • Heavy Duty Clamp Holder, Fit ¼” to 5/8” Support Rod
  • #65 Stainless Steel Spherical Clamp
  • Keck Clamp, Brown fits 45/50 Joint Size, 10 Pack
  • Side Swivel Extension Assembly for support stand complete
  • Heavy Duty Mobile Cart, Lattice and Holes for Receiving Flasks
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CG-1968-D-510 Diagonal Distillation Cart System, 30/50L, 10L Flasks, Complete
CG-1968-D-520 Diagonal Distillation Cart System, 30/50L, 20L Flasks, Complete
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