Chemglass Syringe Pumps Dual & Single

Chemglass Syringe Pumps


These are the most versatile syringe pumps available today. They dispense fluids with sub-microliter precision as either a single injection or a continuous flow. When u sed with the RxnHub Controller, they automate the addition of multiple reagents to reactions as a function of time, temperature and pH.

Each pump includes KEM-Pump software that automoates virtually any reagent delivery or sampling application.

A PC Controller is an optional extraDelivery Rates from 0.75ul to 200mL per minute
PTFE and glass syringes deliver acids, bases and organic solvents
Program controlled distribution valve fills and dispenses from up to 8 ports
Pumps disperse with microliter accuracy. 
The RxnHub controller concept is to create custom instruments in software, similar to LabView®, but with two significant advantages:Better Hardware – Ultra­high resolution inputs, serial and digital interface components needed for laboratory and process control.
Better Software – Written in and designed specifcally for your application. Using language removes many programing limitations and J-Kem® also releases the original source code.

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