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Self Adjusting Vacuum Systems

An excellent choice for many evaporative applications. The PC3003 VARIO runs your rotary evaporator or other application with minimal supervision, continuously adjusting the vacuum for faster evaporation, while freeing you up to do more important work. It features a VARIO version of the MV2C NT vacuum pump, with integrated solvent recovery in a compact, attractive package.  The PC3003 VARIO vacuum system features the NEW CVC3000 vacuum controller that adjusts the pump speed, eliminating the need for solenoid valves or pump switching.  An intuitive "turn-and-push" jog wheel interface with high-resolution screen makes operation effortless. It offers control options previously unavailable with vacuum pumps, such as:   • Automatic Evaporation Control  • Single Point Vacuum Control  • Ten User Programs  • Computer Control and Validation    
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