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In accordance with standard methods of testing for water and sediment in petroleum products.

White graduations upward to 0.5mL in 0.05mL subdivisions, from 0.5mL to 2mL in 0.1mL subdivisions, from 2mL to 3mL in 0.2mL subdivisions, from 3mL to 5mL in 0.5mL subdivisions, from 5mL to 10mL in 1mL subdivisions, from 10mL to 25mL in 5mL subdivisions, and at 50, 75, and 100mL.

Reference: ASTM D-96, D-91, D-893 and D-1796.

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CG-8822-100 Tube, 100mL, Centrifuge, OilC12
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