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Roller Apparatus Versa Roll



The CGLS Cell Production Roller Apparatus is designed for use in the production of various attachment cells. The units are available in 10 bottle positions up to 50 bottle positions. Our production units, which come in 45 and 50 bottle positions, provide over 80,000 cm² of surface area. Units have been engineered for maximum reliability. Our rollers are formulated from a chemical-resistant, non-slip EDPM. 


All units feature a solid state control with heavy-duty maintenance-free DC brushless motors. All models also feature rubber bumpers and rear guards. The frame is powder-coated aluminium for durability and cleanliness. All units are equipped with All Position Drive to prevent slipping of lightweight bottles.



• Close (6-1/4”) Deck to Deck Spacing will allow you to Grow More Cells in Less Space

• Accommodates Standard Roller Bottles (110-120mm Dia.)

• Steel Reinforced Polyurethane Timing Belts Maintain Precise Rotation Speeds (0.2-6.0RPM, Based on 110mm Bottle)

• Knob Locking Device Guards Against Accidental Changes to Speed Setting


Available Options:

• Battery Back-Up System

• Rotation Alarm

• Slow Speed Kit


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Product Code No. of DecksNo. of Bottle PositionsRotation Alarm Basket
CLS-3855-002 Base and 110No
CLS-3855-A02 Base and 110Yes
CLS-3855-003 Base and 215No
CLS-3855-A03 Base and 215Yes
CLS-3855-004 Base and 320No
CLS-3855-A04 Base and 320Yes
CLS-3855-005 Base and 425No
CLS-3855-A05 Base and 425Yes
CLS-3855-006 Base and 530No
CLS-3855-A06 Base and 530Yes
CLS-3855-007 Base and 635No
CLS-3855-A07 Base and 635Yes
CLS-3855-008 Base and 740No
CLS-3855-A08 Base and 740Yes
CLS-3855-009 Base and 845No
CLS-3855-A09 Base and 845Yes
CLS-3855-010 Base and 950No
CLS-3855-A10 Base and 950Yes
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