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Our new low form oil bath is constructed completely of stainless steel and provides for rapid heating of flasks, beakers, etc.  Heating rates run between 10-15º per minute with excellent thermal response.  Since the bath is constructed entirely of non-magnetic stainless steel, the contents of the vessel along with the oil itself are able to be magnetically stirred. 

Each bath is supplied complete with a stainless steel lid to keep the oil clean during storage.    Features:  • RAPID HEATING, 10-15º PER MINUTE  • EXTREMELY RUGGED, MADE ENTIRELY OF STAINLESS STEEL  • NO RISK OF SHOCK, BATH IS COMPLETELY GROUNDED  • SUITABLE FOR MAGNETIC STIRRING  • DESIGNED TO OPERATE AT TEMPERATURES UP TO 250ºC  • EQUIPPED WITH 3-WAY SUPPORT ROD • SUPPLIED WITH LID TO KEEP OIL CLEAN DURING STORAGE Although all sizes of the baths are fitted with a 120V heater, a temperature controller such as the CG-15001 is required to maintain the desired heating temperature. 

Unit is equipped with a permanently attached 13 inch, 3-wire grounded cord having stainless steel overbraid and a female Twist-Lock® connection.  Each bath comes complete with a 6 foot grounded extension cord with Twist-Lock® connection.    For added safety,  a stainless steel block is attached to the bath permitting the 1/2" x 8" long support rod to be installed in a choice of three locations.  The support rod can be clamped to lattice within the hood during use or serve as a handle when moving the unit.   

Each bath is also supplied complete with a clip to accept standard type "J" themrocouples up to 1/8" OD.    The 350mL bath fits the 300mL or smaller round bottom flasks.  The 950mL bath fits the 1000mL or smaller round bottom flasks.  The 2300mL bath fits the 3000mL or smaller round bottom flasks.   
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Product Code Specification Basket
CG-1100-01 Oil Bath, 350mL, 100 x 50mm, 120V, 400W
CG-1100-02 Oil Bath, 950mL, 150 x 75mm, 120V, 800W
CG-1100-03 Oil Bath, 2300mL, 200 x 100mm, 120V, 1200W
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