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Kalrez® 4079 perfluroelastomer combines the elastomeric properties of Viton with the chemical resistance of PTFE, making it the best possible o-ring material available. Kalrez® 4079 should be considered for service in high temperature, corrosive environments such as:

• Polar Solvents such as Ketones, Esters and Ethers
• Strong Organic Solvents such as Tetrahydrofuran, Bensene, Dimethylformamide and Perchloroethylene
• Acids such as Hydrochloric, Nitric and Sulfuric
• Strong Oxidizing Agents such as Dinitrogen Tetroxide and Fuming Nitric Acid
• Metal Halogen Compounds such as Titanium Tetrachloride and Diethylaluminum Chloride
• Hot Mercury and Caustic Soda
• Chlorine-Wet and Dry
• Inorganic Salt Solutions
• Fuels such as JP-5, Aviation gas and Kerosene

Kalrez® 4079 exhibits exceptional thermal stability and is serviceable at long-term temperatures to 316ºC and intermittent temperatures to 343ºC. Kalrez® 4079 is not recommended for use in sealing applications below -5ºC. For complete chemical resistance and fluid compatibility, see chart in the front of this catalog.

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CG-308K-006 O-Ring, Kalrez® 4079, #006
CG-308K-007 O-Ring, Kalrez® 4079, #007
CG-308K-008 O-Ring, Kalrez® 4079, #008
CG-308K-009 O-Ring, Kalrez® 4079, #009
CG-308K-010 O-Ring, Kalrez® 4079, #010
CG-308K-011 O-Ring, Kalrez® 4079, #011
CG-308K-014 O-Ring, Kalrez® 4079, #014
CG-308K-107 O-Ring, Kalrez® 4079, #107
CG-308K-108 O-Ring, Kalrez® 4079, #108
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