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Highly inert, non-flammable grease for use with standard taper joints and glass stopcocks.  Insoluble in almost all solvents except Freon 113®.  Krytox® greases have demonstrated an exceptionally high degree of chemical inertness to many highly reactive chemicals. 

For example Krytox® has shown no evidence of reactivity when exposed to:   • Boiling Sulfuric Acid  • Fluorine Gas  • Nitrogen Tetroxide  • Chlorine Triflouride  • Hydrogen Gas  • Methanol   • Ammonia Gas  • Ethyl Alcohol  • Hydrochloric Acid  • Hydrazine  • Diethylenetriamine  • Phosphoric Acid  • Sulfuric Acid  • Chlorine  • Hydrogen Peroxide . Krytox® is available in either general purpose or LVP (low vapor pressure) grades.    General Purpose Grade:  Krytox® GPL general purpose grease for use with standard taper joints, stopcocks and stirrer bearings.  Useful at temperatures up to 400º F continuously and 550º F intermittently.  Minimum useful temperature is -35º F. 

Supplied in convenient 2oz tubes.   LVP Grade: Krytox® LVP grease is made with low vapor pressure fluorinated oils and is designed for use in high vacuum applications down to -1.0 x 10-13 Torr at 20º C, and -1.0 x 10-5 Torr at 200º C.  The useful temperature range of Krytox® LVP is -20 to 260º C.  Supplied in convenient 2oz tubes.   
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