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Gas inlet adapter with 45/50 inner joint, is used for connection of the gas source to the lower reservoir.  Inlet connection is 1/2” Swagelok® tubing for use with CG-1975-20 compression fitting.  Adapter is available in 3 styles.  Style "A": Adapter has a large 25mm x 70mm Extra Coarse Fritted section that will disperse the gas sub-surface into the scrubbing fluid.  This adapter is the best for hard to scrub gases.    Style "B":Adapter has an extension tube without the fritted section to insert the gas into the scrubbing fluid sub-surface. PLEASE NOTE:  THIS STYLE ADAPTER IS SUPPLIED WITH THE COMPLETE SCRUBBER.Style "C": Adapter permits the gas to enter the flask above the sub-surface of the scrubbing fluid.  When using this adapter, all of the gas to liquid interaction takes place in the column.  
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CG-1830-18 Style "A" Gas Inlet Adapter, 45/50
CG-1830-19 Style "B" Gas Inlet Adapter, 45/50, SUPPLIED WITH COMPLETE SCRUBBER
CG-1830-20 Style "C" Gas Inlet Adapter, 45/50
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