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This unique disposable filter funnel system for solid-liquid separation can be used in chemistry and biological laboratories. The system consists of a polypropylene filter funnel with a 10 micron polyethylene fritted disc, a CG-1049-J style glass vacuum adapter, and a flask or vial. The CG-1049-J vacuum adapters are specially designed so that the vacuum can be controlled using a PTFE stopcock to prevent the filtrates from being sucked into the vacuum line.  Also, the disposable filter funnels have a 80mm long stem so that the glass vacuum adapter is not contaminated during the filtration process. 
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OP-6602-10 Filter Funnel, Disposable, 18mL, 10 Micron Polyethylene Frit, Flared Top
OP-6602-12 Filter Funnel, Disposable, 40-60mL, 10 Micron Polyethylene Frit, Flared Top
OP-6602-14 Filter Funnel, Disposable, 110mL, 10 Micron Polyethylene Frit
OP-6602-18 Filter Funnel, Disposable, 500mL, 40 Micron Polyethylene Frit
OP-6602-13 Filter Funnel, Disposable, 40-60mL, 40 Micron, Polyethylene Frit, Flared Top
OP-6602-16 Filter Funnel, Disposable, 300mL, 40 Micron Polyethylene Frit
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