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Jumbo Soxhlet extraction apparatus equipped with a Duran flange at the top of the extractor. Flange is formed with a groove in the flat portion of the mating surface to accept a PTFE covered silicone o-ring to permit grease free assembly. The adapter between the condenser and extractor has a top outer joint and a Duran flange which attaches  to the extractor body  with a CG-141-T PTFE coated stainless steel clamp. Complete apparatus consists of a condenser, extractor, round bottom flask, adapter, PTFE covered o-ring and clamp. PTFE sleeves and heating mantles must be ordered separately.
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CG-1373-01 Extraction Apparatus, Jumbo, Size A
CG-1373-02 Extraction Apparatus, Jumbo, Size B
CG-1373-03 Extraction Apparatus, Jumbo, Size C
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