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Apparatus  for use in distillation of material such as THF or ether.  Storage reservoir has a capacity of 125mL or 500mL.  Extremely efficient cold finger coil condenser has a section that is immersed into the distillate.  This assures that the distillate is at room temperature instead of the distillation temperature.  The 0-4mm Chem-Vac™ Chem-Cap® valves provide for grease-free, leakproof seals.    Side vapor tube (A) is fitted with a 14/20 standard taper outer joint, to be used with a CG-1042-14 thermometer adapter which fits a plain stem thermometer.  A short (50mm) vigreux section is provided to enhance separation.  Syringe access port (B) incorporates a 4mm PTFE stopcock with a 14/20 outer joint for use with CG-3022 septum stopper permitting repeated syringe punctures or changes of the septum without breaching the integrity of the solvent.  Lower 3-way valve (C) allows for solvent return to flask, take-off or storage in graduated reservoir.  Delivery adapter is fitted with a 12/5 spherical joint for flexibility and a 0-4mm Chem-Vac™ Chem-Cap® valve (D) for purging of the receiving vessel.  Top outer joint is a 24/40 while the uptake tube is a 24/40 inner joint.  Delivery adapter has a 14/20 inner joint and is supplied with the complete apparatus along with a CG-150-02 S.S. Pinch Clamp.  
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AF-0720-02 500mL Solvent Distillation Apparatus Complete, Airfree, Schlenk
AF-0720-04 Delivery Adapter Only, 24/40, Airfree, Schlenk
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