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Vigreux style column with indentations that run the entire length of the column for improved vapor-liquid contact. Column length refers to the effective length, measured from the lowest to highest indent in the column. Column has a top outer and lower inner standard taper joint.
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Product Code Specification Basket
CG-1231-10 Distilling Column, 14/20 Joint, 100mm, Vigreux
CG-1231-11 Distilling Column, 14/20 Joint, 130mm, Vigreux
CG-1231-12 Distilling Column, 14/20 Joint, 170mm, Vigreux
CG-1231-14 Distilling Column, 19/22 Joint, 130mm, Vigreux
CG-1231-15 Distilling Column, 19/22 Joint, 170mm, Vigreux
CG-1231-16 Distilling Column, 24/40 Joint, 150mm, Vigreux
CG-1231-17 Distilling Column, 24/40 Joint, 200mm, Vigreux
CG-1231-18 Distilling Column, 24/40 Joint, 300mm, Vigreux
CG-1231-19 Distilling Column, 24/40 Joint, 450mm, Vigreux
CG-1231-21 Distilling Column, 29/42 Joint, 150mm, Vigreux
CG-1231-23 Distilling Column, 29/42 Joint, 300mm, Vigreux
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