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Decapper Plier Style
CV-5711 CG-4930

Crimper, Decapper

Tools for crimping and decapping Aluminium seals on Microwave vials.  The crimper has an adjustment feature which will allow it to be used with a variety of septa, discs, stoppers or lined caps.  The user may adjust the stroke or movement for each application as needed.  The pliers decapper is an inexpensive way to remove seal caps by simply securing the seal between the jaws and squeezing the handles until cap pops off.  

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CG-4930-21 Decapper Plier Style
CV-5711-0008 De-Capper, Pliers, 8mm
CV-5711-0011 De-Capper, Pliers, 11mm
CV-5711-0013 De-Capper, Pliers, 13mm
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