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Condenser has a standard taper outer joint at the top and a lower inner drip tip joint. Hose connections have an O.D. of 10mm at the middle serration.
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CG-1218-01 Condenser, Liebig, 320mm, 24/40 Joint, 200mm Jacket Length
CG-1218-02 Condenser, Liebig, 325mm, 29/42 Joint, 200mm Jacket Length
CG-1218-03 Condenser, Liebig, 370mm, 24/40 Joint, 250mm Jacket Length
CG-1218-05 Condenser, Liebig, 420mm, 24/40 Joint, 300mm Jacket Length
CG-1218-07 Condenser, Liebig, 520mm, 24/40 Joint, 400mm Jacket Length
CG-1218-08 Condenser, Liebig, 525mm, 29/42 Joint, 400mm Jacket Length
CG-1218-09 Condenser, Liebig, 620mm, 24/40 Joint, 500mm Jacket Length
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