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This “V” shaped base is molded of glassfiber reinforced nylon which gives it a good resistance to chemicals, especially salt solutions and most solvents.  The entire molding is poured full of resin-bonded shot to act as a ballast which increases the weight of the base, providing excellent stability.  Base is a triangle 9” (230mm) on each side and the rod support hole is at the top of the support rod.  Three neoprene feet prevent slipping, and indents on the top of the base permit stacking when extraordinary weight is needed.  The base will accept any rod up to 1/2” (13mm) diameter.  Available in 2 sizes and weights listed below. ROD MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY
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CG-3043-01W V Shaped Base Support, White, 2.2lbs Total Weight, 4.8" Between Feet
CG-3043-02W V Shaped Base Support, White, 4.4lbs Total Weight, 9.0" Between Feet
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