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Lab Armor Beads

These dry metallic beads replace water in water baths, aluminum blocks in dry baths, ice in ice buckets, and give old equipment a cool, shiny, state-of-the-art look while maintaining temperatures of -20°C to 8°C for 4 or more hours. Open sources of water in the lab can put the lab at risk if incubating and spreading biological or chemical contamination between samples, equipment and people. Unknown biological and chemical contamination in water can readily enter your incubating samples resulting in distorted data and non-reproducible results. Lab Armor™ bead technology will save you countless hours of reworking ruined experiments and eliminate cleaning. Lab Armor™ Beads extend the life of your bath by eliminating corrosion and reducing burn-out risk.

For best performance, use product at an operating temperature of -80 to 180°C. However, product may be used up to 300°C without loss in thermal performance, but product fluidity may be reduced. Please contact technical services for specific recommendations.
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Product Code Description Basket
CLS-2991-002 2L Lab Armor Beads
CLS-2991-004 4L Lab Armor Beads
CLS-2991-008 8L Lab Armor Beads, Shipped in (2) 4L Containers
CLS-2991-012 12L Lab Armor Beads, Shipped in (3) 4L Containers
CLS-2991-016 16L Lab Armor Beads, Shipped in (4) 4L Containers
CLS-2991-020 20L Lab Armor Beads, Shipped in (5) 4L Containers
CLS-2991-075 0.75L Lab Armor Beads
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