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Dual trap assembly for use with AF-0060 or AF-0061 manifolds.  Pre-trap (B) is 51mm OD x 250mm long with 28/15 polished socket joints to connect the line shut off adapter (A) to the main trap stopper assembly (C) which has 28/15 o-ring ball joints.  The main trap (D) is constructed using a 57mm flat o-ring flange and the body is 57mm OD x 250mm long.  Center to center distance between the traps is 175mm.  Connection to the manifold is made via a #15 o-ring joint (E) while the fore-pump is connected to the main trap assembly at the (F) port using any size of AF-0070 or AF-0071 adapters depending upon the size of flexible tubing being used.  A #15 o-ring joint (G) is placed between the main and pre-trap to permit connection of vacuum measurement device via a AF-0300-07 thermocouple adapter.  Both traps can be isolated from the manifold or pump via 0-12mm Chem-Vac™ Chem-Cap® valves (H).  Trap assembly is designed to allow connection to either the right or left side of AF-0060 or AF-0061 manifolds.  Complete item is supplied with one #331 Viton o-ring, one CG-139-02 horseshoe clamp, three #116 Viton o-rings and two CG-150-05 #28 S.S. pinch clamps.
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Product Code Specification Basket
AF-0203-01 Dual Vacuum Trap Assembly, Schlenk, O-Ring, Airfree, Complete
AF-0203-02 Manifold Shut-off Adapter (A), Airfree, Schlenk
AF-0203-03 Pre-Trap Only (B), Airfree, Schlenk
AF-0203-04 Main Trap Stopper Assembly (C), Airfree, Schlenk
AF-0203-05 Main Trap Body Only (D), Airfree, Schlenk
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