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Unions provide seals directly from the listed sizes on a glass to glass basis, or can be used with the AF-0068 cuffs and flexible tubing. They can be used with glass tubing as much as 1/32in undersize. Unions are made from #316 stainless steel. O-Rings are 70 durometer Viton.
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AF-0067-04 Cajon Unions Only, Use with 1/4" OD Tube, Airfree, Schlenk
AF-0067-05 Cajon Unions Only, Use with 3/8" OD Tube, Airfree, Schlenk
AF-0067-06 Cajon Unions Only, Use with 1" OD Tube, Airfree, Schlenk
AF-0067-20 Replacement Viton O-Rings for 1/4" Unions, Airfree, Schlenk
AF-0067-21 Replacement Viton O-Rings for 3/8" Unions, Airfree, Schlenk
AF-0067-22 Replacement Viton O-Rings for 1" Unions, Airfree, Schlenk
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