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Vacuum Adapter has a ground glass standard taper outer joint on top that provides a convenient leak free way to connect to the OP-6602, OP-6603 and OP-6604 disposable long stem filter funnels and a taper inner joint or a vial. The unique design of the long stem filter funnel and vacuum adapter makes it unnecessary to clean after each use. The 2mm PTFE stopcock between the outer  joint and standard taper inner permits control of the vacuum source. Hose connection is 10mm OD at the largest serration.  U.S. patent pending. 
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CG-1049-J-14 Adapter, Outer to 14/20 Inner, Vacuum, Stopcock
CG-1049-J-24 Adapter, Outer to 24/25 Inner, Vacuum, Stopcock
CG-1049-J-29 Adapter, Outer to 29/26 Inner, Vacuum, Stopcock
CG-1049-J-30 Adapter, Outer to 20-400 GPI Thread, Vacuum, Stopcock
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