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Compact and simple distilling/splitter adapter for use with Chemglass process reactors. Vapor flows upward freely through the large vapors holes to the condenser. Distillate flow is directed using the valve to either the receiving flask or back to the reactor. Control valve is either a 0-4mm or a 0-12mm PTFE with a 1/2” or 3/4” OD distillate takeoff for use with  CG-1975 compression fittings and TFE tubing.  Plugs are supplied complete with CG-309 Perfluoro o-rings.
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CG-1235-A-24 Adapter, Distilling/Splitting, 24/40, 0-4mm Valve, 1/2" Compression Fitting, Process Reactor
CG-1235-A-29 Adapter, Distilling/Splitting, 29/42, 0-4mm Valve, 1/2" Compression Fitting, Process Reactor
CG-1235-A-45 Adapter, Distilling/Splitting, 45/50, 0-12mm Valve, 3/4" Compression Fitting, Process Reactor
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