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Adaptors for temperature probes

BOLA Adaptors for temperature probes

Product description

4-pole adaptors. All BOLA temperature probes are equipped with a socket size 1.


» for the connection of different sizes of plugs and couplings

»for the connection of existing ports to temperature probes

»for the connection of existing measurement cables with plugs or sockets of company Lemo®

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Product Code Size first sideSize second sideLength mmTransition from sizeType Basket
P1720-16 1/Plug 11/Plug 1721/Socket size 1 to Socket size 1A
P1720-24 1/Plug 1 0/socket 0650/Socket size1 to Plug size 0C
P1720-32 1/Plug 1 0 /Plug 065 0/Socket size 1 to Socket size 0B
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