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Propeller Stirrer Shafts PTFE

BOLA Propeller Stirrer Shafts

Product description:

PTFE-jacketed stainless steel shaft, propeller completely made of PTFE with three 45° angled round or angular blades. Universal chemical resistance since the product is only exposed to PTFE.

Material – PTFE

Temperature Resistance: from -200°C to + 250°C

Chemical Resistance: +++ universal

Stirring Effect: Bottom-up


The product is sucked bottom-up, good axial f low with low shear force.

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Product Code Length mmShaft Dia mmChucking dia mmDimensions according to drawing A-B-C mmType Basket
C378-04 2506450-18-1,5B
C378-06 3506450-18-1,5B
C378-08 4506450-18-1,5B
C378-12 35086,575-18-3,0A
C378-14 45086,575-18-3,0A
C378-16 60086,575-18-3,0A
C378-18 450108,075-18-3,0A
C378-20 600108,075-18-3,0A
C378-22 800108,075-18-3,0A
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