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Propeller Blades PTFE/PEEK

BOLA Propeller Blades, PTFE/PEEK

Material: PTFE/PEEK

Temperature resistance: from -200°C to +250°C

Chemical resistance: +++ universal

Stirring effect: bottom-up

Product description

These solid stirrer blades are made of PTFE and have a set of clamp screws made of a PTFE/PEEK compound. The blades can be fixed tightly on BOLA Stirrer Shafts by means of the clamp screws. A spanner wrench is included for easy assembly.


The product is sucked bottom-up, good axial flow with low shear force.

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Product Code Shaft dia mmDimensions according to drawing A-B-C mmWrench Size Basket
C440-08 875-18-315
C440-10 1075-18-319
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