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Glass Stirrer Bearings PTFE

BOLA Glass Stirrer Bearings, PTFE

Material: PTFE

Temperature resistance: from -200°C to +250°C

Chemical resistance: +++ universal

Vacuum: suitable

Product description

Combination of a borosilicate glass piece with ground joint, an interior PTFE shaft guide with integrated special gasket and a GL screw cap made of PPS. The special gasket made of PTFE and an FPM o-ring which is compressed by a GL screw cap provide a good sealing of the stirrer shaft. This gasket can be exchanged after wearing.


Suitable for vacuum, perfect bearing for stirrer shafts made of stainless steel, glass and for BOLA Stirrer Shafts.

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Product Code Cone NS European StandardFor stirrer shaft dia mmTotal Length mmThread of screw cap GL Basket
C425-08 29/3289025
C425-09 29/32109025
C425-12 45/401011025
C425-14 45/401611832
C428-08 24/40810325
C428-12 24/401010325
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