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Magnetic Stirrer Heads with Ground Joint PFA PTFE

BOLA Magnetic Stirrer Heads with Ground Joint, PTFE, PFA

Material: PTFE

Material: PFA

Temperature resistance: from -200°C to +250°C

Chemical resistance: +++ universal

Vacuum: suitable

Product description

Gastight permanent magnetic coupling with ball bearing encapsulated in ceramics and square connection for cardan joint. PTFE cone size 29 with release nut made of PTFE with glass fibre for easy removal of the ground joint. All products which are exposed to the medium do not contain any metals. The 8 mm shaft guide provides guidance without friction of stirrer shafts up to a speed of 800 rpm. The stirrer head can also be fixed directly into the chuck by mounting the included metal adaptor on the square connection (6 mm).


For absolute vacuum.

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Product Code Torque NcmGround Joint NSViscosity up to mPasVolume up to mlSpeed rpm maxTotal length mm Basket
C450-16 2029/3215002000800203
C450-24 4029/3225004000800215
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