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BOLA Sampling Pumps, PTFE, PP

BOLA Sampling Pumps, PTFE, PP

Material: PTFE
Material: PP
Temperature resistance: from -10°C to +90°C
Chemical resistance: +++ very good
Product description

Made of polypropylene and PTFE. A pull on the ball handle produces a slight vacuum in the sampling bottle. Due to this vacuum, the sample is sucked into the sampling bottle. Both glass bottles and plastic bottles with a GL 45 thread can be used as sampling bottles. The pump provides universal chemical resistance since the sample is only exposed to PTFE.

Product advantages

»compact construction
» usable anywhere (no power or air supply needed)
»easy handling
» quick and low-risk pumping of ultrapure liquids
» volume per stroke 50 ml
»for tubing O.D. 6 mm

For pumping liquids from sources that are not easily accessible; also suitable for liquids with a high viscosity, e.g. oils
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Product Code NameThreadCapacity Basket
A124-16 BOLA Sampling Pumps, PTFE, PPThread for Connection GL-18For Bottles with a capacity of ml - 100-2.000
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