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GP Series

With capacities from 12Kg to 102Kg these high precision industrial balances have a large 380mm x 340mm weighing pan and also feature IP65 dust and waterproof protection. Models are available with a swing arm display (GP) or mountable detached display (GP-KS). SmartRange feature for improved precision, regardless of tare container weight. Internal automatic calibration and standard RS232. OIML-EC legal-for-trade models available.

  • EC Type approved (not KS models, GP-40K, GP-61K)
  • Swing arm design or separate display and platform design
  • IP65 protected
  • Durable aluminium alloy & stainless steel construction
  • Easy calibration with internal calibration mass
  • SHS response speed of only 1.5 seconds
  • GLP, GMP and ISO compliant
  • RS-232C interface
  • Comparator output and analog output (optional)
  • Large Vacuum Fluorescent display
  • Data memory function
  • Counting function with ACAI (Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement)
  • Smart range function (GP-32K/102K/32KS)
  • Comparator function
  • Underhook weighing for thermal and magnetic samples as well as for density calculation
  • Animal weighing function
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Product Code Item DescriptionCapacityResolutionVerification ValuePan Size Basket
GP-12K-EC 12kg0.1g1g384 × 344mm
GP-20K-EC 21kg0.1g1g
GP-32K-EC 31kg/6.1kg1g/0.1g10g/1g384 × 344mm
GP-32KS 31kg/6.1kg1g/0.1g384 × 344mm
GP-30K-EC 31kg0.1g1g384 × 344mm
GP-30KS 31kg0.1g384 × 344mm
GP-40K-EC 41kg0.5g5g384 × 344mm
GP-60K-EC 61kg1g10g384 × 344mm
GP-60KS 61kg1g384 × 344mm
GP-61K 61kg0.1g384 × 344mm
GP-61KS 61kg1g384 × 344mm
GP-100K-EC 101kg10g100g386 × 346mm
GP-100KS 101kg1g386 × 346mm
GP-102K-EC 101kg/61kg10g/1g100/10g386 × 346mm
GP-OP-04 Comparator relay output/RS-232C/current loop
GP-OP-06 Analog output
GP-OP-07 5m extension cable (KS model only)
GP-OP-20 Underhook (GP-12K/20K/22K/30K/30KS)
GP-OP-21 Underhook (GP-60K/100K/100KS/102K)
GP-OP-22 AD-8121 printer mounting kit
07:3004753 Transparent plastic covers (1 pc)
AD-1682 Rechargeable, portable power supply unit
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