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GX-K / GF-K Series

Our patented Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology improves response speed and minimizes maintenance costs. SHS combines the best of magnetic force restoration and single point load sensing technologies. The GF series features External Calibration while the GX series adds Internal calibration. The RS-232 interface comes as standard.


  • Die cast aluminium
  • Four support points under the pan
  • Mechanical keyboard
  • SHS sensor technology

Easy to clean.

IP 65 dust & water protected, for a large weighing capacity at a given resolution: 10kg × 0.01g, 31kg × 0.1g

  • Fast response time with Super Hybrid sensor (SHS) – only 1.5 seconds
  • One touch automatic calibration with motordriven internal calibration mass (GX-K)
  • Automatic self calibration when the ambient temperature changes (GX-K)
  • IP65 – water and dust proof
  • Standard RS-232C Interface
  • GLP, GMP and ISO compliant
  • Underhook weighing (for thermal or magnetic samples, or for density measurement)
  • ACAI (Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement)
  • Auto power ON function
  • Display auto power OFF function
  • Data memory function
  • Smart Range function (GX/GF-8K2/32K)
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Product Code Item DescriptionCapacityResolutionPan Size Basket
GX-8K 8.1kg0.01g270 × 210mm
GX-8K2 8.1/2.1kg0.1/0.01g270 × 210mm
GX-10K 10.1kg0.01g270 × 210mm
GX-12K 12kg0.1g270 × 210mm
GX-20K 21kg0.1g270 × 210mm
GX-30K 31kg0.1g270 × 210mm
GX-32K 31/6.1kg 1/0.1g270 × 210mm
GF-8K 8kg0.01g270 × 210mm
GF-8K2 8.1/2.1kg0.1/0.01g270 × 210mm
GF-10K 10kg0.01g270 × 210mm
GF-12K 12kg0.1g270 × 210mm
GF-20K 21kg0.1g270 × 210mm
GF-30K 31kg0.1g270 × 210mm
GF-32K 31/6.1kg1/0.1g270 × 210mm
GX/GF-OP-04K Comparator relay output with buzzer/current loop
GX/GF-OP-06K Analog/current loop output
GX/GF-OP-07K Waterproof RS-232C cable (5m)
AX-073007197-S Transparent plastic covers (5 pc)
AX-GXK-31 Breeze break (standard on GF/GX-8K/8K2 & 10K models)
AD-1682 Rechargeable, portable power supply unit
AX-GXK-012 Animal weighing pan
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