VACUU·VIEW Vacuum Gauges

For modern monitoring of your vacuum processes, the VACUU·VIEW vacuum gauges are the technician's choice.


Chemically resistant ceramic diaphragm sensor for measurement in the rough vacuum range (down to 0.1mbar). VACUU·VIEW provides gas-independent pressure indication with precise capacitive readout.


For fine vacuum monitoring, the VACUU·VIEW extended are the ultimate solution. The heavy duty combination of ceramic diaphragm sensor and ceramic jacketed Pirani sensor ensures reliable readings in the wide range from atmosphere down to 10-3 mbar.


  • compact design with integrated sensor, one piece equipment for direct connect at point of interest
  • chemically resistant ceramic diaphragm sensor, highly reliable at harsh laboratory conditions even in case of very aggressive chemicals
  • illuminated display, easy to read
  • display with menu driven handling easy to use e.g. for unit settings


Product Code Product Description Quantity Quote Basket
20683220 VACUU·VIEW
20683210 VACUU·VIEW Extended
File Type File Name Date Added Download File Group Download
Vacuubrand Catalogue 12 February 2024 14.7MB


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