SELECT Chemistry Diaphragm Pumps

Chemistry diaphragm pumps for aggressive gases and vapors. The Vacuubrand SELECT models feature two-point vacuum control. These enable space-saving and parallel operation of two processes via a single pump. Not sure which pump you need? We'd be happy to advise you. Simply fill out an enquiry form and our applications specialists will be able to help.

  • simplify lab work with the VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller with graphic user interface and predefined applications
  • automatic boiling point detection and continuous optimization of vacuum levels for quick process times
  • compact and powerful; superior performance even with continuous condensate purge
  • whisper quiet and ultra low vibration
  • eco-friendly: extremely low power consumption and efficient solvent recovery. Oil-free!


Product Code Product Description Ultimate Vacuum Quantity Quote Basket
20733152 PC 510 select 7mbar
20733252 PC 511 select 7mbar
20733352 PC 520 select 7mbar
20737152 PC 610 select 1.5mbar
20737252 PC 611 select 1.5mbar
20737352 PC 620 select 1.5mbar
File Type File Name Date Added Download File Group Download
Vacuubrand Catalogue 12 February 2024 14.7MB


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