Chemistry Diaphragm Pumps Without Vacuum Control

Chemistry diaphragm pumps for aggressive gases and vapors. These economy models are without vacuum control, with various different ultimate vacuum and pumping speed. Various models are equipped with a separator at the inlet (AK) to protect against droplets and particles and/or a waste vapor condenser at the outlet (EK) for near-100-percent solvent recovery. Not sure which pump you need? We'd be happy to advise you. Simply fill out an enquiry form and our applications specialists will be able to help.


Product Code Product Description Ultimate Vacuum Quantity Quote Basket
20744800 ME 10C NT +EK 0.6mbar
20736702 MD 4C NT +AK+EK 1.5mbar
20736600 MD 4C NT +2AK 1.5mbar
20736802 MD 4C NT +AK SYNCHRO+EK 1.5mbar
20737000 PC 201 NT 1.5mbar
20696622 MD 1C +AK+EK 2mbar
20743502 MD 12C NT +EK 2mbar
20743602 MD 12C NT +AK+EK 2mbar
20732602 MZ 2C NT +AK+EK 7mbar
20732502 MZ 2C NT +2AK 7mbar
20732700 MZ 2C NT +AK+M+D 7mbar
20732802 MZ 2C NT +AK SYNCHRO+EK 7mbar
20733002 PC 101 NT 7mbar
20734405 ME 8C NT +2AK 70mbar
20741500 ME 16C NT +EK 70mbar
22614080 ME 4C NT +2AK 70mbar
File Type File Name Date Added Download File Group Download
Vacuubrand Catalogue 12 February 2024 14.7MB


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