BVC Fluid Aspirators / Accessories

The new line of BVC fluid aspirator systems for cell culture provides the flexibility to accommodate your decontamination protocol whether you autoclave or disinfect in the bottle.

  • Reliable VACUUBRAND vacuum pump used and proven in chemistry applications
  • “G” Models have a Glass Bottle for use with in-bottle bleach decontamination
  • Suitable for two users with optional extension and hand controller
  • 0.2 Micron Bio-filter helps protect pump and lab atmosphere
  • Professional Model has a contact-free level sensor

The basic model is unpowered version of the BVC aspirator systems, suitable for use with in-house vacuum systems. A mechanical regulator provides a suitable vacuum level in the bottle for aspiration, and disconnects it from the supply when that level is reached- no power required. This reduces demand on the vacuum supply, increasing efficiency while reducing noise and impact on other applications. Unit is shipped ready for use and is supplied with a stable and easy- to clean powder coated metal stand, 0.2um bio filter, and hand controller. Available with a 4 litre polypropylene bottle or 2 litre glass collection bottles.

The BVC control unit features a powerful, whisper-quiet Vacuubrand chemistry designed vacuum pump, thereby eliminating the need for central vacuum supply. The pump is turned on and off automatically on demand when using the hand controller. An easy to clean touch panel adjusts and indicated the vacuum level switch point. This provides the exact power you need, when you need it. Available with a 4 litre polypropylene bottle or 2 litre glass collection bottle.

The top of the line BVC Professional model adds a liquid level sensor outside the bottle without contacting bottle contents. This lets you concentrate fully on your work without worrying about overflow. A special disinfection program allows the aspiration of disinfectant after the system is shut down to decontaminate the hand control. The 4 litre polypro bottle version is supplied with quick connectors as standard; the 2 litre glass bottle version is supplied with barbed connections.


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20727402 BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC professional, with 4l PP bottle
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