Ball Valves

Valves of the VK series are sturdy isolation devices for the rough and fine vacuum range. A precisely machined ball with a hole through the middle is rotated by means of shaft and lever. When the valve is open, the hole provides unimpeded passage of media over the entire nominal cross section.

Ball valves are therefore also used for load locks, e.g., for sample holders, thermocouples or helium supply lines. The VKE series uses stainless steel for the metal parts and fiberglass reinforced PTFE seatings.


Product Code Product Description Model Type Quantity Quote Basket
20665506 VK valves made of brass, hard-chrome plated brass ball with reinforced PTFE seal seat VK 16 Small flange KF DN 16
20675506 VKE valves made of stainless steel with reinforced PTFE seal seat VKE 16 Small flange KF DN 16
File Type File Name Date Added Download File Group Download
Vacuubrand Catalogue 12 February 2024 14.7MB


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