TM MECO Midget Torch (Body - No Tips)

The Meco Midget Torch is small, compact and has a comfortable feel in the hand that make long hours of body contortion, welding up, down, and inside cramped spaces easier to handle.

The Meco Torch control knobs are close against the tip neck, easily adjusted with the thumb as needed, but never knocked out of adjustment by being bumped into. The newly designed mixing chamber makes for a very hot, precise flame. We haven't found a more comfortable, accurate, adjustable torch! The Meco Midget is constructed of brass and fits hoses with type "A" size hose fittings. Note: This torch will weld 1/4" steel and it will weld 3/16" aluminium.


Product Code Product Description Quantity Quote Basket
AWS-0046 Meco Midget Torch Body - No Tips
14 1/4" Barb to Female A-size - Fuel
14-O 1/4" Barb to Female A-size - Oxygen


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