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Meterate Flowmeters for Air - Bench Standing

Our meterate flowmeters combine versatility, practicality and accuracy for the measurement of gas and liquid flowrates. They are available in standard and long series as well as a range of materials and are suitable for panel or inline mounting.

Meterate tubes offer either fine or ultrafine needle control valve options as well as high visibility and ease of installation. 

  • Accuracy Class: 2.5*, 2.5% VDI/VDE 3513 (Standard*, Long)
  • Repeatability: Better than 0.5%
  • Temperature: -15oC to 120oC
  • Pressure (Non Shock): 20 bar maximum 

Meterate tubes are supplied complete with:

  • Robust frame wth removable front panel and integral flow control valve
  • Borosilicate flowmeter tubes with indelibly printed scales
  • Precision machined floats - SS316, Titanium, Dural or PEEK
  • Inserts for tubes and frames - Viton/PTFE

*Meterate frame can be supplied without flow control valves

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Product Code Flow RateFloat MaterialInsert SizeTube Length Basket
MFA1001-BS 5-100 cm3/minTitanium5150mm
MFA1002-BS 20-250 cm3/minTitanium5150mm
MFA1003-BS 60-600 cm3/minDural5150mm
MFA1004-BS 50-750 cm3/minDural5150mm
MFA1005-BS 0.1-1.2 L/minSS3165150mm
MFA1006-BS 0.2-2.0 L/minDural9150mm
MFA1007-BS 0.3-3.4 L/minPEEK9150mm
MFA1008-BS 0.6-5 L/minDural9150mm
MFA1009-BS 1-10 L/minSS3169150mm
MFA1010-BS 1-13 L/minDural9150mm
MFA1011-BS 2-26 L/minSS3169150mm
MFA1012-BS 4-50 L/minDural15150mm
MFA1013-BS 10-100 L/minSS31615150mm
MFA1014-BS 30-140 L/minSS31615150mm
MFA2001-BS 0.25-5 L/minDural9300mm
MFA2002-BS 1-11 L/minSS3169300mm
MFA2003-BS 3-25 L/minDural14300mm
MFA2004-BS 2.5-50 L/minDural15300mm
MFA2005-BS 10-110 L/minSS31615300mm
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