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Pura 30

Practical. Clean. Connected. Lightweight. Brilliant.

PURA™ 30 water bath is designed to hold up to 7 test tube racks. There are no functional elements in the bath and flasks or vessels can be placed directly on the flat bath bottom surface. It offers all of the advantages of the PURA™ water baths including practical lift-up bath covers, lightweight design features, innovative materials and comes in a hygienic enamel coating, which provides optimal protection against contaminants adhering.

Other benefits of the Pura range include a beautiful and functional design that makes cleaning a breeze, an internal timer function, a clear, bright display, a minimalist design (PURA™ water baths require a minimum amount of water so that even small sample containers stand safely) and everything is at the front (access to all functions and connections are conveniently placed at the front of the unit).

Main Benefits of the Pura 30 water bath:

--Bright display
--Splash-proof protected power switch
--Built-in dry running protection
--Easy operation
--Built-in drain tap
--Built-in drip off design
--USB data port
--Integrated timer

Pura 30 water bath Specifications:

Working temperature range:  +25 ... +99.9  °C
Temperature stability: ±0.2 °C
Heating capacity:  2 kW
Filling volume: 2 ... 30 litres
Dimensions:  85W x 38L x 30H cm
Bath opening/Bath depth: 76W x 27L / 17D cm
Bath cover: accessory 
Number of test tube racks available (accessory): 7
Alarm signal: optical & acoustical  


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Product Code DescriptionDiameter Quote Basket
9 550 430 Pura 30 Water BathN/A
9 970 284 Lift-up bath cover - transparent, up to +100 °CN/A
9 970 276 Flat bath cover with 10 openings115 mm Ø
9 970 277 Flat bath cover with 3 openings190 mm Ø
9 970 300 Test tube rack for 60 tubes100 x 16/17 mm
9 970 301 Test tube rack for 90 tubes75 x 12/13 mm
9 970 303 Test tube rack for 21 tubes30 mm
8 970 010 Hollow balls, Polypropylene® to reduce heat loss, evaporation, oxygen input, odors, action of light20 mm Ø, 1000 pcs (up to +100 °C, for water only)
8 940 006 Aqua Stabil, 6 bottles 100 ml eachN/A
8 940 012 Aqua Stabil, 12 bottles 100 ml eachN/A
9 940 200 Descaling Agent 1 Litre - Water protective media to prevent formation of algae and bacteria and Descaling AgentN/A
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