J Young® Single Bank Manifolds (Vacuum Gauge Port)

General Purpose Single Bank Vacuum Manifold with J. Young high vacuum PTFE valves and vacuum gauge port. The main tube is 16mm OD with serrated end connections. Available with 3, 4 or 5 ports.

We have introduced a NEW High Performance (HP) range, an improvement in design allows for the following:

  • New robust design
  • Improved interchangeability
  • Reinforced sealing area
  • For more demanding applications
  • Available in both fine and fast thread


Product Description Number of Ports Valve Size Width Quantity Quote Basket
90004 3 0-10mm 300mm
90004/HP (high performance JY valves) 3 0-10mm 300mm
90005 4 0-10mm 400mm
90005/HP (high performance JY valves) 4 0-10mm 400mm
90006 5 0-10mm 500mm
90006/HP (high performance JY valves) 5 0-10mm 500mm
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J Young Brochure 12 February 2024 2.3MB


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