J Young® Dual Bank Manifolds with Glass Stopcocks

Dual Bank Vacuum Manifold with glass stopcocks. Main tubes are 24mm OD with B19 Socket ends. Available with 3, 4 and 5 ports.

For B19 cone adapters please see product JYA/2:


Product Description Number of Ports Valve Size Width Quantity Quote Basket
90013 3 4mm 300mm
90013-NW16 (vacuum gauge port) 3 4mm 300mm
90014 4 4mm 400mm
90014-NW16 (vacuum gauge port) 4 4mm 400mm
90015 5 4mm 500mm
90015-NW16 (vacuum gauge port) 5 4mm 500mm
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J Young Brochure 12 February 2024 2.3MB


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