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Peltier-cooled incubator

Peltier-cooled incubator 

Advantages over compressor-cooled incubators:

  • Quiet operation - The noise generated by the unit has been limited significantly to create more comfortable working conditions in the laboratory.
  • Environmentally friendly - Elimination of compressor and refrigerants ensures environmental protection. 
  • Lighter and smaller - The Peltier-element system has reduced the size and weight of the unit.
  • Vibration free - With the introduction of the Peltier-element system, vibrations previously generated by the compressor have been eliminated.
  • Energy-saving - The Peltier technology has reduced the power consumption considerably to make the ILP incubators even more energy-efficient.
  • Perfect performance - The cooling system based on the Peltier-element features excellent temperature stability and uniformity. 
  • It also improves the temperature recovery time (e.g. after door opening).
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Product Code ModelChamber CapacityTemperature range (°C)Overall Dimensions W x D x H (mm)Internal Dimensions W x D x H (mm)Weight (Kg)Voltage Basket
ILP53 ILP5356 Litres+15 to +70600 x 710 x 660400 x 390 x 36069230V 50Hz
ILP115 ILP115112 Litres+15 to +70660 x 850 x 770460 x 540 x 54090230V 50Hz
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