Stratos® Superlight Liquid Helium Transport Vessels


Economical and also space-saving solution of the integrated heater: It enables a controlled pressure build-up for easy helium extraction without external helium compressed gas.

- Light, economical and practical

We produce these high-tech containers with a great deal of experience, technical know-how and highly qualified manufacturing: Use the many advantages of the STRATOS® series for your applications with cryogenic liquid helium.

  • Efficient helium exhaust gas cooling
  • Low evaporation rate (only 0.9 % for STRATOS® 100 SL)
  • Robuster transport frame
  • Compact dimensions
  • safety neck tube
  • Vacuum lock safety device and integrated safety devices on the safety attachment
  • long-term vacuum protection through high-quality adsorption and getter materials
  • Safety attachment with exhaust, pressure build-up and evacuation connection
  • blockable overflow device (70 mbar)
  • Different removal devices possible
  • transfer pressure from 0-500 mbar
  • Optimized super insulation, through multi-layer vacuum insulation and computer-optimized thermodynamic design with shields
  • Low tenance
  • Extensive range of accessories

In addition to their function as transport and supply containers, the smaller STRATOS® can also be ideally used to carry out cryogenic experiments. STRATOS® 250-1000 SL are used to supply liquid helium to MR tomographs and large cryostats.


Product Code Product Description Geometrical Content (L) Weight Empty (kg) Weight Full (kg) Stat. Evaporation Rate (%/day) Quantity Quote Basket
78201158 STRATOS® 100 SL 103 56 68 0.9
78200868 STRATOS® 250 SL 263 90 121 1.8
78200900 STRATOS® 380 SL 380 106 151 1.4
78200904 STRATOS® 1000 SL 999 300 420 0.5
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Cryotherm Life Science Overview 12 February 2024 7.4MB


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