Juno® LN2 Supply Tanks

JUNO® supply tank for cryogenic liquefied nitrogen with Vacuum super insulation and long-term vacuum protection.

Cryotherm liquid nitrogen storage and transport container with integrated safety device on the container neck.

JUNO® has a built-in pressure indicator.

  • Integrated safety device on the container neck
  • Vacuum sealing and safety device
  • Separate transport plug with safety device to prevent falling out
  • Pressure display
  • Cold protection gloves and safety goggles with side protection
  • Rubber ring and fitting protection


Product Code Product Description Geometrical Content (L) Operating Overpressure (bar) Weight Empty (kg) Weight Full (kg) Neck Connection Stat. Evaporation Rate (%/day) Quantity Quote Basket
78220205 JUNO® 30 30 1.3 18 41 KF 50 2.5
File Type File Name Date Added Download File Group Download
Cryotherm Life Science Overview 12 February 2024 7.4MB


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