Cork & Felt Glass Polisher (16")

The 16" Cork and Felt Glass Polisher is designed for coldworking glass to a high polish. The cork wheel combined with mildly abrasive pumice will pre-polish the work piece. The felt wheel combined with cerium oxide will bring the piece up to a high polish. The arbor can be quickly disassembled (4 bolts) for pulley change or bearing inspection. Water valve and spray nozzle are built in for easy hookup. The water valve takes 1/4" OD plastic tubing for gravity water flow or 1/4" copper tubing for pressure systems. Unit comes with one (1) 16" x 3" cork wheel and one (1) 16" x 3" felt wheel installed, dressed and factory tested for balance. Wheels turn at 280rpm to minimize polish powder loss, while a rim speed of 1,173SFM creates the friction necessary for a brilliant finish. This model ships fully assembled with belt guard 1/2hp motor, instructions, and product guarantee.

  • 1/2hp, High Torque Motor
  • Back Plate with Spray Nozzle
  • Powder Coated Pans Resist Rust
  • Removable Tank for Easy Wheel Change
  • Adjustable Sponge Bench to Minimize Splash
  • Heavy Duty Ball Bearings, Neoprene Sealed and Greased for Life
  • Available in 220V, 50Hz


Product Code Product Description Quantity Quote Basket
5016GP Cork & Felt Glass Polisher (16")


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